In the Works
I'm working on stuff, I'll post it here... only if its not done though.  Therefore, the name, in the works... cause I'm working on it... I can see thru time on Saturdays, but typically all I see is how I wasted my Friday.

A play I had started working on, I got distracted by something, it was probabally the real life version of Julie or some such person, oh well.

At one point I was dating a girl I like a lot, shock and surprise to all I'm sure.  Anyway, I ended up writing this and thought about subtly giving it to her to see her response.

Fighting for Love
I have no idea where I got the title from.  This was one of those random thoughts that pop into ones head.  I probabally have it plotted out somewhere in the wasteland of my sub-conciuos.

Coach Kain
Originally meant to be a full fledged story, I never really got the Coach Kain premise of the ground so I just let it die, much like Kain, after the first part.

Kain and Juan
Someone asked me to write what an interaction between my character and theres would be like, this was the result of that sorrid affair.

Somehow I was gonna incorporate this angelic guy into the whole Coach Kain thing, but, as I said, it just didn't end up happening.

Satanic Fight story
I don't know what the hell I was thinking with this one.

Another Fight story
If you can't tell already, I never seem to finish fantasy stories, so here's another demon wrought thing that will never see the light of day!

Do what I say, or else everyone's eyes
become weird semi-circles... seriuosly