Despite all the creativity I may wish to express, often times, one is also forced to sit down and write the analytical piece.  For the most part, mine are analytical pieces of shit... and with that said, here they are!!!

High School Phases
I believe I had to write this as a graduation piece, I don't really remember the context of it.  It's weird, looking back at essays like this I come to the realization that I was a scary kid.  Either that or I wanted to seem dark and mysterious to get a good grade, being a tortured soul equals good grades if you can translate your demons to words.

Embracing Love and Truth
The Bridge of San Luis Rey.  An interpretation of the books message and why all those deaths were so dern neccessary.

The Living Dead
An edit to the previous paper with a flashy new law suit ready title!

According to Mr. Springstein
It's my analysis of Our Town.  Why is that place so darn familiar anyway?

Vonnegut's Messengers
Well, I guess there's a secret message in there somewhere, isn't there?  

Candide and Tylor
Sometimes ya just need to write that one paper which you shouldn't.  Though the resemblances are hardly there, ya just wanna right about something you like.  Such as is, I like Captain Tylor... I like Candide, however, the two have little in common, but I BSed this thing out anyway.

Shakes Paper
I'm taking one friggin English class this semester, this is the only "real" paper I've had to write, its your typical BS working off a quote from "As You Like It" which, as it is, is not how I like it.


The Way Life Is
This paper has been REMIXED for extreme pleasure... not so much.  It is Sci Fi after all.

War, What is it Good For?
I managed to get a B- on this paper without answering half of the question, HAHA!!!  God Bless Sci Fi!  Oh wait, scratch that, forgot that Sci Fi is derived from Satan's loins.

Keeping Hope Alive
The only true reason to be hopeful is the fact that I have no more sci fi papers, la la la

Nothin' better to do
All papers on drug use should be forced to mention Steve Miller in one way or another...

Agriculture is... Evil?
Not so much

Parentood by Bond, not by Blood
He's not heavy, he's my brother... oh wait, I mean my cousin... not, step-brother... uncle?

The paper of Hxaro
The culmination of the first half of my summer.  Yes, it is boring.  Yes, it is posted.  More than likely, no, you will not read it.  As such, you will never find out the truth about the zuchinni that took over Albania in the greatest coup de tat of all time.

An Apprentice in the Snows of Kilimanjaro
Just a little talk on why Harry from the above mentioned story is Hemingway's definition of an aprentice.  However, the paper in no way has to do with matadors or black smiths... I know, really, what's the point then?

A Frosty Triple
Just me having my way with poetry and forcing it to mean what I want, mwa ha ha

Believing in the Kindness of Strangers
I originally was going to title this "Beating Your Wife and All That Jazz" but opted to go with the razzle dazzle of this instead